.Through the years much has occurred in my life. I'd like to share some of it with you.   You will find in my professional background on another page that most of my experiences relate to matters of health. My education at The Pennsylvania  State University was rooted in Agronomy and other agricultural studies. Soils and crops, Animal and poultry husbandry and so much more including Human biochemistry and nutrition.
At that time, agriculture was taught with chemical fertilizers and chemical sprays only. "Organic" farming was considered a "cult" practice. The standard fare in nutrition was chemically grown and processed food.
So, my life from that beginning was dedicated to the "natural" way of life
My wife Sonia and I moved to Hawaii in 1961 and our family and my professional life began there. We lived there for 13 years.
It was there, where besides my practice I began my investigative research which I reported on Hawaii radio. It was there where I began my Yoga studio and  Yoga television broadcasts.
You will find much of this research in my several books. The title of this site was the title of my radio broadcasts in Hawaii.

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This picture was obviously taken in my "early" years. I'm a 'bit' older now.
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