Let's Talk Health
     Before we begin let me say that this site is for you.
  • I have spent most of my life accumulating considerable information about health through study, research and in practice. At this stage of my life, my fondest goal is to share this knowledge. That is the purpose of this site. In our blog I'd like your questions and comments. Feel free to contact me. <ftrapani@charter.net>
  • I invite you to study my C.V. (my professional background). Check out my books.
  • I will be happy to give you any chapter from my books free of charge.
  • So, let's get started!
  • Guess what!
  • It's not the cholesterol that's killing us!
  • Read why cholesterol is not the problem.
  • Go to "Let's Talk Health" on the top of the page.
Because nutrition is so important for good health, on my "Let's Talk Health" page I am giving you my latest research on how to detect nutritional deficiencies by sight. Look carefully at your family members to find out if any are deficient in these nutrients.
  • More will follow.

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