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I have practiced yoga, taught yoga and included yoga in my practice for many years. I have found that it helped patients to recover faster and with better results.  At first we taught yoga in YMCA's and YWCA's for several years. Then we opened the first yoga studio in Hawaii. Shortly thereafter we began teaching  yoga on Hawaiian T.V. On this page you will see pictures during each of these stages.Since we had the only studio of its kind, as various "Guru's" passed through the Islands, they were inclined to stop and lecture/teach at our studio "The Aquarian School of Yoga". Each teacher brought his/her own style of yoga and hence we were exposed to many variations and varieties and styles of yoga most of which were included in our repertoire of valuable postures. Below are some pictures out of my past, from my teaching in YMCA and  YWCA's through my shows on television.

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